Cybermancy is a table-top card battling game. In Cybermancy, each card represents a warrior, summoned from the players' hands to do battle. The table represents the Virtual Arena, an imaginary digital battleground where the summoned warriors engage in bloody, hand-to-hand combat. Players assume the role of Cybermancers, digital wizards who battle for supremacy by calling forth their warriors, not through magic, but by harnessing the power of CPU and RAM.


Unlike collectible card games, Cybermancy provides all of the cards right out of the box, and even allows for players to mix and match warriors from different factions. The base game includes complete decks of cards for both the Human and Undead factions. Future expansions will include warrior tribes such as Robots, Aliens, Celestials, Demons, Dinosaurs and more!

Game Play Overview

Cybermancy was designed from the start as the thinking-person's card brawler. With its unique, 2-power summoning system, Cybermancy rewards long-term, strategic thinking, while offering a huge variety of tactical decisions with each card that is played.


Both Cybermancers start the game with a 30 card Summoning Deck, containing the warriors they will summon to the battlefield. Both players draw 7 cards from their Summoning Deck, then draw 5 cards each from the CPU and RAM Power Decks, which will be used to pay the summoning costs of each warrior. As the game progresses, each player will increase the level of RAM and CPU that can be spent, allowing for larger and more powerful creatures to be summoned. Each creature card is unique, with its own set of in-play effects, allowing players a wide array of choices in how they design their decks.  Once creatures have entered the battlefield, they can attack their opponent's warriors or the enemy avatar itself. When either Cybermancer's health is reduced to zero, the game is over and the surviving Cybermancer wins!

Use your warriors to attack enemy creatures, or use them to protect your own avatar from damage.

Select warriors from 4 different races: Undead, Humans, Robots, and Aliens and more to come soon.

Call forth your warriors to the field of virtual combat and defeat your opponent.

Choose from hundreds of unique and beautifully illustrated cards.




Promote your warriors to front-line blockers!

A meticulously designed and carefully balanced game

The cards in Cybermancy have been carefully designed so that each one is useful and playable in every deck. There are no "weak" or "filler" cards, so you can create powerful decks right out of the box. What's more, you can choose from a variety of races, each with its own unique power. You can also mix and match cards from different races to create an almost infinite variety of decks to suit any play style!           

See what play-testers are saying

If you are in the market to scratch that collectible card game itch, this is the game for you.

~Cara Shoemaker

I love the fact that apart from the card draw, there are no random shenanigans in this game. How well you do is entirely due to how you play. This is really a game where skill is the determining factor.

~Bob Jones

The artwork is phenomenal. And the descriptions of the Undead in the manual are absolutely hysterical. I LOVE a game that isn't afraid to have a sense of humor!

~Debra Graft


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